Jesus has Mercy with Madonna

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 6, 2009 09:27:00 July 6, 2009 09:27:00

It’s not the title of the next Bible lesson but you know she loves the allusion, right?

Madonna resumed her Sticky & Sweet Tour in London at the O2 this weekend and has had her entire family in town for a couple of weeks to prepare. Jesus Luz has been invited along too. Employing a Nanny Model is the new rage. How much does one cost?

They’re in and out of Kab all the time. Photos attached.

Am sure by now you’ve seen the footage from Madge’s show paying tribute to the King of Pop featuring one of her dancers who idolised MJ. If no, below:

Remember this?

Here’s how she recalled the night:

And this, looking back, is insightful. Except I don’t agree with her about the loafers and socks.

Photos from and ALMASI/PARSONS/

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