Madonna appeared on stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, because she’s all the club tracks, this weekend with Avicci who worked on MDNA which drops tomorrow. I haven’t heard the entire album. But I think I’ll like it OK. As in a few catchy beats, something to throw on at the gym, but perhaps not super memorable. In 10 years, if you were asked to compile your personal Madonna Greatest Hits list, would anything from MDNA make it on there? This might be unfair, but with an artist of Madonna’s stature and legacy, it’s the question that you have to ask any time she puts out new material.

Last week I did a lot of talking about LA Face. Madonna has the LA Face. The girl from Michigan who survived New York now has the LA Face. What would That Girl think of This Girl now?

Also attached - Madonna promoting the album with Jimmy Fallon, this time with longer pants on. She also gave him some kind of “dirty dancing” tutorial. I could not watch this without covering my eyes.