Posh …the GMD… and Madge too?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 28, 2008 06:16:06 July 28, 2008 06:16:06

You remember the sneaker wedges, don’t you? Remember when Posh wore them to throw out the first pitch at the Dodger’s game last year? And then Tom Cruise borrowed them for Little Sci’s birthday party in April?

Photos are attached.


Posh and the GMD … understandable. Posh, after all, is a caricature. OF COURSE she’d wear sneaker wedges. And since the Gay Midget Dwarf can’t stand to be 5 ft 5 on a good day, OF COURSE he’d ask Victoria Beckham to lend him her sneaker wedges.

But Madonna???


Gwyneth Paltrow just might break up with Madonna over the sneaker wedges. Gwyneth Paltrow is that kind of judgy bitch. And so she should be. I would totally break up with a girl over sneaker wedges. Please!

Have a look if you can stand it. But consider yourself warned. If you worship Her Madgesty, as I do, this will hurt you. It will hurt you very, very much.

First – Madonna at Kabbalah with her family, no makeup, way too aggressive on the cheek implants, clearly underslept, and ostensibly overworked. By her own design. Naturally. Madonna probably hasn’t taken a nap since 1985. Which just might be the saddest thing ever. What’s better than a Sunday morning with dimsum and chicken feet and then a nap for 3 hours? Not much.

And what’s worse than Madonna wearing sneaker f&cking wedges?

Not much.

Except that Madonna wore white sneaker wedges AFTER Victoria Beckham wore them first. Madge followed Posh.

It’s unforgivable.

Will Gwynnie forgive?

Photos from Wenn.com

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