Uk tabloids reported today that Madonna's Mercy adoption attempt will be officially approved on Sunday by a Malawian court.

Her lawyer however has publicly announced that that report was false, and very damaging.

Apparently the judges are still deliberating and a decision could come down any day. This latest round of rumour mongering however has greatly displeased the court. They are not amused. And it could result in yet another setback for the Madge who is not accustomed to being denied.

What's behind this f-ck-up then?

As you know, Madonna's team routinely leaks information in her favour and it's not totally impossible that this was a colossal backfire...

However, Madonna is not an idiot. She wants Mercy badly. It's highly unlikely she would have jeopardised her chances before imminent victory and greater subsequent famewhoring opportunities.

Consider also the origin of the story. The Daily Mail also published this week a salacious claim that the Brange are living separately. Which is total bullsh-t.


Madonna, a master of media manipulation, ironically sabotaged by the media?


Some gossips are already suggesting she's been behind this all along. That she needs a scapegoat and engineered this fiasco to have someone to blame when Malawian officials shut her down.

Don't know if I buy that. Madonna is many things, but she also wants that kid. Mercy will be her latest crowning achievement. She wouldn't mess around with that prematurely. She would save her press shenanigans when it's time to gloat.

Agree or disagree?


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