Finally. Madonna’s Ghosttown video. As of this writing, I’ve only looked at it once so there may be notes to pick up later but you already know how I feel about the song – it’s one of the strongest, if not the strongest, on the album. A proper power ballad. And we haven’t had one from her in a while. She doesn’t get enough credit for her ballads, agree or disagree? Is it because you haven’t heard them in a while?

You know what song I realised I haven’t listed to in a long time?


I LOVE Madonna’s Rain.

THAT’s a song. And Ghosttown gives me the same feels. So…

This video.

Well first off, especially off the top, when she’s looking in the mirror, she looks better than she’s looked in a long time. Also is that a picture of her with Lola? I choose to believe this. And of course I totally believe that Madonna would survive an apocalyptic blast. But a dystopian video 3 years after the first Hunger Games movie feels a little…well…

Does it feel a little …past?

Or does it not matter because she’s dancing with Lucious Lyon? Effective or not effective that Terrence Howard, the star of television’s biggest show this season is in her video? He’s definitely compelling. And it’s hard to take your eyes off of the way he’s watching her. But then he tosses his gun to the side and I’m like…

Oh hi! Brad Pitt! Did the same thing in Mr & Mrs Smith.

That was my train of thought.

I guess I’m still processing. Your turn.