Objective or Nostalgia?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 21, 2012 20:04:26 March 21, 2012 20:04:26
Have you seen Madonna’s video for Girl Gone Wild yet? The song is ...OK. It’s a good beat to run to. Steady, steady, steady, steady, beat, beat, beat, beat. A lot less offensive than that Give Me All Your Love. But the video...

The video I love it so much.

I love those black bands on her arm. And the t-shirt with the sport stripes underneath. All the costumes, actually. Sometimes it looks like she can’t keep up with the moves and they cut away too quickly, and yes, she’s done this sh-t so many times before, but there’s something about the tone of this particular video that I can’t stop watching...

Am I being objective? Or is it nostalgia?

It reminds me of Vogue (with a little Michael and Janet Jackson “Scream” thrown in). Of that entire era. Of those beautiful, beautiful boy dancers. Of Jose and Luis and Carlton and poor Gabriel (he’s not with us anymore) and lost, confused Oliver. Remember Oliver? Maybe I’m the giant loser who knows Truth Or Dare too much off by heart with an attachment to that illusion, that fake little family she created for herself, and, after all these years, still glamourised by what it was like to tour with Madonna on Blonde Ambition in 1990. It was the tour that redefined touring. When Madonna was still...accessible on stage. Before she became a weird dance machine with blinding lights and very little personality.

How stupid am I to hope that MDNA will be a return to 1990? Something more intimate and less... mechanical? And if that’s the case, ruthless bitches that we are, what do we say about bringing it all back 22 years later?


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