Are we fighting? We are fighting, aren’t we? Because you hate it. You think it’s weird. You don’t think it’s pretty.

Well it’s Maggie Gyllenhaal. She doesn’t do pretty.

But it’s architecture. And it’s design. And it’s imaginative. And there are few women who could have owned this like Maggie owned it. I’d rather wear a dress that only I can make amazing than a dress than anyone can make serviceable. It’s also a testament to Maggie that she can do peach and not bring the Rossums.

Look how beautifully it fits her. Look at the striking lines. How she understands it’s about clean polish, off the face hair, modest on accessories...

Can you imagine the Vagazzler Love Hewitt in this dress? There would have been big earrings. A choker. Some sh-t around her wrists. The Hope Diamond gleaming out a hole cut through the crotch. Overkilling on baubles is how you tell the Ones from the Pretenders.

There. That’s my offensive. Are we fighting?

Photos from and Fayesvision/