Maggie Gyllenhaal spent the day in Toronto promoting her new film. Photos are attached of her at the Magnum sponsored premiere of Hysteria. Hysteria is based on the true story of the invention of the vibrator. Like, we get in there. Which is why Maggie went there during the press conference and subsequent junket interviews before the gala. My colleague Traci Melchor interviewed her in our etalk lounge and they spent several minutes talking about “fingering” and such. For real. Like, that was part of her JOB yesterday. Traci’s too.

Amazing, right? Think the line of questioning possibilities! It’s maybe the one time you can ask a celebrity if he knows how to pleasure a woman. Hugh? (This is not a clue to a blind riddle.)

Dancy is the lead actor in Hysteria. I really want to see it. But I think you have to be extra selective about who you see it with. Ever go to the movies with your parents? Might not want to go to this movie with your parents, right? Or your boss?

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