At the NY premiere of An Education last night, Maggie Gyllenhaal accompanied husband Peter Sarsgaard on the carpet in a black strapless jumpsuit. Not even my Maggie.

It's Michelle's nightmare: talent showing lumps from the light. So she outlaws it when she's producing. At the Oscars for instance, she won’t allow it on camera. Because on camera, from certain angles, well you can see on Maggie. There are bumps and creases and unflattering bulging illusions that celebrities like Maggie can’t get away with, never mind civilians.

Anyway, as you know, Maggie is a newlywed. She and Peter made it official in May, and of course they say she’s enamoured with Reese Witherspoon and is strongly suggesting to her brother that they marry as well. Apparently Maggie in the end hated Kirsten Dunst. Kiki and Reese. Two bitches, different packaging.

Photos from and Johns PkI/