I loved Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress, which was not surprising to me because I usually love Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress. She’s so good at choosing patterns and proportions that work for her.

But – just gonna come out and say it – is she ever happy?

It’s just all very serious all the time. Introducing Room was somber. I mean, yeah, the subject matter is kind of tough, but it does kind of have some light to it at the end. She could maybe look happy about that, or at very least see someone she knows on the carpet and punch them in the ribs and then apologize because she had too much wine while she was getting ready? 

I saw her on the red carpet, five deep in the background, get caught looking into the camera.  I don’t think she knew she was on live, I’m sure she thought she was just gazing in a general direction. But she was equally as stoic when she didn’t know we were watching her as when she did. It’s unsettling.

What would happen if you got Maggie Gyllenhaal in a tickle fight? Is she immune? What if you sent her a dick pic while she was in the meeting? What can we do to get her to crack? Can we get Starlee Kine on this case?