If you’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones, you still have to appreciate the cuteness of these two. They’ve grown up together in the spotlight of this ridiculous behemoth of a show, and despite the fact that, as far as I can tell, they haven’t had a scene together in about five years, they seem to be cute friends-slash-sisters, to the point where they even got matching tattoos of the date they first got the call that they were cast. 

It also means that when they’re together at events like these, they can shrug off some of the direness of everyone watching what they’re going to wear THIS time. Sophie Turner’s goth princess is very pretty, if not otherwise a standout, and Maisie Williams’ pop-art party dress is not for everyone but I feel pretty sure that she’s being true to herself—see also the green eyeshadow. 

But am I being prematurely nostalgic or weirdly grumpy if I project forward to when the show’s not on anymore and they don’t attend the shows as a duo? Am I trying to push their youth away if I think it’s getting to be time to diversify a little bit? Oh, and where is this ‘diversification’ supposed to come from? Mid-budget movies with thoughtful scripts that don’t get made anymore? It’s not like there are a whole bunch of roles that went by recently that either of them should have had.

You go on ahead, I’ll just be over here, arguing with myself.