The cheap ass clothing, the cheap ass weave, the fact that she lets her mother dress her in cheap ass attire, the cheap ass way her House of Desh-t ads were conceived, hiring a cheap ass marketing firm that can’t come up with a proper tagline – it’s all clear to me now. Because Beyonce is apparently uncomfortable being rich. She says that despite the fame and fortune, all she ever wanted was security and not excess, and that she never craved nor does she enjoy obscene wealth. "I just wanted to be financially stable and it embarrasses me, and I don"t feel comfortable talking or thinking about it. I"m not a flashy girl, and I don"t flaunt it." So, um, just to clarify….does that mean she see’s herself as understated? The opposite of flashy? And in a million years would you EVER characterise Beyonce as understated? Is this why she won’t pay her dancers fair wages? Because she’s not comfortable being wealthy? Bitch…please. a href="" target="_blank">Source