They are calling Malin Akerman the next Cameron Diaz. Malin is Canadian so we’re pushing her out hard. Landing the coveted role of Silk Spectre in Watchmen was a huge break. She’s also working on Vince Vaughn’s next comedy Couples Retreat and has several other projects on the go (many more than Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel!) that should keep her in theatres consistently over the next 2 years.

So she’ll have time to figure her sh-t out on the carpet.

But not too much time.

And it’s never a good time for what she pulled last night at the Watchmen premiere – a classic Kate Beckinsale overdress.

Like, what IS this dress?

Everyone else came in cocktail length, but there’s Malin with a medieval set of wartime shoulder pads and a gown and a train trailing behind her.

It’s desperate, it’s too much effort, and look at her – Malin Akerman doesn’t need to try so hard. Malin Akerman is pretty f-cking spectacular without the embellishment.

The good news is that this is the beginning. More Cam, less Kate, yes?

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