As we all know, Tom got really into the singing for Rock of Ages. And they keep trying to tell us that he can actually sing for real. That we will be amazed by his vocal abilities. That his voice will complete you. 

Was this part of the contract? Because one after another they’re trotting them out to deliver these lines, the same lines, so if it’s not overly obvious then, um, it must be true??? 

According to his Rock of Ages co-star Malin Ackerman: 

"You will be shocked. I kind of wasn't that surprised, because when Tom does something he does it 150 per cent. So he really just brought his f-cking game and he sounds like a rock star. I'm not kidding. He could be an opera singer if he wanted to. His voice is really powerful." (Source


So Tom Cruise could throw down a version of Nessun Dorma and it would bring us to our knees? 

This time I’m giving it to Malin Akerman. I mean she’s a nice girl, but there’s a lot of dumbassness coming out of her mouth, and I’m not sure if it’s because she herself is a dumbass or if it’s because she’s trying too hard to carry out the orders handed down by the producers. 

As IF you can autotune assist on a voice and call it Opera. 

As IF he wouldn’t have already cut an album if he could ACTUALLY cut an album.

As IF he doesn’t hold a microphone like it’s a fighter jet without seeming to pay attention to the words!!!

Attached – Tom leaving the Rock of Ages wrap party in Miami the other day without his jaunty hat. Maybe it’s time to put that away now, close to the door and lock what was allowed to come out, professionally, for a few months. All true things must come to an end.

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