Okay, so we know there’s a hierarchy to these things, right? All the dresses are chosen in sequence of who gets to wear them, with the best going first, and the last ones going to the guest stars or wives or ladies Of A Certain Age.

Malin Akerman isn’t super A-list, but she’s not nobody, either. She’s got a new show coming out, she’s got a bankable face, and man, she is just so likeable. Every time I hear her talk, I’m like “Oh right, you’re a human”. She’s also Canadian, so I am delighted to be biased. We really are the nicest.

But as such, there should be a LOT available to her. This is not what I imagine she would choose given the option. She’s only 35! She’s not Julie Bowen! It could be a lot younger and a lot brighter and, as Lainey will say if I don’t, much more noticeably DEVOID OF HAIR TENDRILS. 

The woman has laughing eyes, doesn’t she? Mischevious eyes that make you think she kind of gets what’s up. She wants to be wearing the kinds of things Kerry Washington passes over because she doesn’t have a home for them. She should be taking the kind of risks that nobody took, tonight, but that have been associated in the past with a Danes, or a January Jones, even.  

But the style is…mall. Almost uniformly mall. Is this a fatal flaw or can it be fixed?