Worst Hathaway Imitation: Mandy Moore

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 28, 2011 06:18:34 February 28, 2011 06:18:34

Written by Duana

The first reaction everyone had to Mandy Moore tonight was that she looked severe and kind of angry. This is factual, and though the part in her hair and the weird eyebrow (that a lot of people had going) didn’t help, there was something else at hand, and it took me a minute to realize what.

You guys, she thinks she should be Anne Hathaway. Think about it. They’re the same; they’re good girls who do what they’re told and play with their sexualities in a nice easy, not over-the-top way; they’re not terribly controversial but they’ve read enough to be able to have a conversation about most topics. They were both in the Princess Diaries, even! And then comes the clinche: even their big mid-20s heartbreaks were similar. Zach Braff and Raffaelo Whatshisname? Those guys even LOOKED alike.

So as Mandy gets ready to sing, knowing damn well that that damn Hathaway isn’t just hosting and isn’t just having her choice of film roles but also is going to SING AND DANCE tonight – well, I’m betting someone had a little tantrum while getting dressed this afternoon and had to be picked up off the floor .

Mandy. I LOVE you. But you have to do something new. You already cut your hair short once, so - maybe the answer is “Saved: Return of Hilary Faye”?

I’m pulling for you but it’s getting harder and harder. Please, hon, be fun again. Take yourself less seriously. Get out from under Anne’s shadow. Or hey, embrace it. If you want to get over your issues with her in a fun and hilarious sisters-in-a-roadtrip story, I’m not going to complain.

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