There were rumours a few months ago that Mandy Moore and UFC champ (and Canadian!) Georges St Pierre were hooking up. Totally overblown seeing as she was actually wasting her time with that punk as f*ck poseur Ryan Adams.

The good news is Mandy does not appear to be wallowing in heartbreak after her split from Ryan and curiously enough she was seen at a UFC event this weekend cheering her tits off. Am not a UFC fan, though this is apparently a minority sentiment. Therefore am not aware if Georges was competing…and don’t really care.

But for her sake, I hope so. And I hope he won. And I hope she was his prize. Georges isn’t my type – met him last year at the Geminis…he was wee – but if you’re into grunting beefcakes, clearly he’ll do.

Click here for more photos of Mandy at UFC, including a shot of her sitting beside David Spade who was joined by yet another hot blonde. WTF???