Of course it’s a comeback. Mandy Moore was not on anybody’s mind, even though she was working a lot. I clicked by John Krasinski on TV the other day, and it turned out to be some horrible horrible movie where he was trying to marry Mandy Moore, and I thought how merciful for both of them that nobody remembered it.

But the push behind This Is Us is big, and the early reviews seem very good (although I’ll look forward to distinguishing between ‘good’ and ‘tearjerking’) so this is Mandy Moore coming back for real. I’ve always been interested in her, and now, here she is: single, divorced, big new show, and trying to strike the right balance between being really excited about it and trying to be measured about things and not too eager.

Her look partway succeeds in this endeavour, I think. I love the colour of the dress, but I wish it were less fussy by half, and had a way simpler neckline—between it and the hair in her face (which bothered Lainey, but which I actually quite liked), you might not recognize her if you weren’t looking. Also, I was kind of amused at all the surprise about how tall she is…it kind of belies her image, right?

Or does it? I’m curious about what everyone else thinks. I have a tough time with some people loved by everyone (Amy Adams, Tom Hiddleston, etc) and a strange affection for some where my esteem is out there all by itself. I know the show doesn’t rest on her shoulders, and I’m sure that’s a relief, but I kind of feel like people’s interest in it might hinge on her and Milo Ventimiglia. So…if it were up to you, do we call it a comeback?