Married Orange Mandy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 21, 2009 10:06:42 April 21, 2009 10:06:42

She’s happy and I am happy for her. Her husband, after pretending he was all punk as f-ck, came back for her on his hands and knees. Mandy Moore is worth it.

Which is why it makes me sad to see an orange Mandy, photos from this weekend, in Vegas, borrowing Lindsay Lohan’s spray tan to give herself a dirty face.

Looks like Mandy will be kicking off promotion soon for her new album Amanda Leigh due out May 26th. The video for the first single is now online and I… don’t like it. Any of it. She looks great. Gorgeous. But the song is lame. The title sucks. And her lipsynching, it’s like she’s barely moving her lips. On purpose …

I mean, I guess it’s one thing to go all hard core cockmouth like Jessica Simpson or over-emoting like Rossum, and then another entirely to make like your teeth don’t come apart when you’re singing so that it looks like you’re not singing but talking. Seems contrived. Hate that Mandy Moore looks contrived. Because Manday is one of the good ones and she desperately needs a hit.

Mandy Moore – I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week

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