Never, ever understood why she dated him, but totally respect her for staying so tight with him.

This is Mandy Moore on Saturday at Friendly House’s awards luncheon with her friend and former boyfriend DJ AM.

It was a topic of discussion the other night: what happened to Mandy Moore? Why isn’t she more famous?

I argued that it’s because she has no “it”. Mandy is a big old “meh” to many. Duana on the other hand thinks she’s the bee’s knees because she was so delightful in Saved and because she’s tall and isn’t starving and chooses not to be blonde. And while those are very admirable attributes, it’s still not enough to make us care… not because she’s not scandalous but because there’s no mystery?

There’s also the issue of her peers. Keira, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst - a long list before Mandy’s even mentioned. Just a few reasons why, sadly, Mandy Moore isn’t more.

Photos from Wenn/Fayes Vision