Mandy Moore at the premiere of Dedication last night. Love her body, loooove the shoes, COVET the shoes, and the dress works too. Perhaps a little severe for summer but still…minus the lips she looks gorgeous.

Don’t know exactly what it is – maybe it’s because they’re just way too dark or the way they’ve been drawn, like super geisha super small or maybe it’s just that she’s trying so hard not to smile. Whatever it is, me no likey.

And me no likey her rendition of Umbrella – have you heard it? Click here for the clip.

First, the part at the beginning, when she has to make a point of saying she doesn’t listen to this type of music. Like… F&CK OFF!!!

And then the singing with the eyes closed. The singing with the eyes closed kills me. And don’t get me wrong, I adore Mandy Moore, but the eye-closed singing and the eye-rolling “dark and twisty” image thanks to a bad break up … hate to say it but it’s all a little too Rossum.

Seriously honey…it was Zach Braff. Get over it.