He has rocked a sarong and is probably as fashion forward as it gets, man-wise, but could David Beckham pull these off?

Becks has admitted to being a little clothes-obsessed. Have you seen the Beckham doc chronicling their move to Spain a few years ago? There’s a cute moment in his closet – what he wears is most definitely not under his wife’s jurisdiction, though I’m sure she doesn’t complain.

Now Manolo Blahnik is coming out with a new line of “girly-ish” men’s shoes that look like this. The red suede and the leopard print I could totally see on a Euro…but the blue slingback??? That’s just straight up ugly. How is that inspired by a woman???

What woman???

Actually…there’s a woman. It’s my mother. My mother would totally wear these with her denim suit – do you remember? And if I told her it was ugly, she"d tell me I have Lo Taysee...translation: No Taste.