Seriously. I looked at this photo of Marc Anthony and not only was I indifferent… I actually don’t think he looks half bad. Please hate me. I hate myself. Jennifer Lopez and Marc in Spain for her Spanish album promo. Contrary to reports that the two are on the verge of a split because he’s a controlling freak, I’m hearing we are nowhere near a separation. And….um… truth be told… as much as I miss Bennifer… I think I’d actually be sad if Jen and Marc broke up. She seems happy, you know? And I’ve seen them together live up close - they’re sweet. Trust. As for her performance ensemble – call me Cruise…but I like. I have a thing for capes. And if I had her abs, I’d be wearing a midriff exposing cape too. Besides, it’s a Eurocheese stage costume. And she’s not wearin’ it to Barney’s or anything…so it’s kind of allowed right? Sigh. Not smoking makes me crazy. Source