Mrs. Anthony brings the Understated According to the NY Post, Victoria Beckham was greeted with the loudest cheer from the crowd when she emerged from the hotel en route to the castle. Yeah, well, maybe that’s because, as you can see from the TMZ video, she stopped and SOLICITED the photos and the ovation – probably in exchange for getting that dress at no cost. On the contrary, Jennifer Lopez dashed into her waiting car, pulling a very un-JLo maneuver and NOT vamping up for the pappies. Apparently Mrs Anthony understands that simply exiting a hotel does not constitute a red carpet occasion. In sharp contrast to the Posh, La Lopez opted for soft old Hollywood mauve – much less exciting than what she wore 2 nights previously at the pre-party which is, in my opinion, THE ensemble of the entire 4 day clusterf&ck. Never mind the wedding details, I would have given anything to know what Victoria and Jennifer were like with each other. Diva to diva – do you think they even spoke??? Oh and by the way - even though El Cantante has already been picked up by Picturehouse for distribution, I wonder…will United Artists somehow find a way to score itself a cut? My smutty sense is tingling…stay tuned… Source