They were said to have broken up a few months ago. Now check them out in St Tropez holding hands, clearly back together. Marc Anthony and Chloe Green were first photographed together as a couple in February. By the end of April it was over. And now not over. She’s 22. He’s 44. She has way more money than he does. So…two people who totally wouldn’t be happening if she weren’t rich and he weren’t famous.

Some couples, even if they didn’t have the profiles that they do, you could still see them hooking up in any world, not just the Hollywood one. 

Like if Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t GWYNETH PALTROW and Chris Martin wasn’t the lead singer of Coldplay, that would still be possible. Jada and Will? Definitely. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield too. Definitely.

These two?

Outside of Hollywood would these two ever be a thing?