Jennifer Lopez is known for not leaving much of a gap between lovers/husbands. But you know who might be better at that than she is? Her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

Marc and Dayanara Torres were divorced in 2004. In 2004 he married JLO. They divorced in 2011 which is when he and Shannon De Lima started dating. He filed for divorce from Shannon last December. By February it was reported that he had a new girlfriend, model Mariana Downing, and that they’d already been dating a few months and are in love.

On Tuesday, Marc and Mariana walked their first red carpet together. Marc is 48 years old. Mariana is 21 years old. His oldest child, daughter Ariana Anthony is 23 years old. Shannon De Lima, by the way, his most recent ex-wife, isn’t even 30 years old yet. So is Marc Anthony the Latin Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, even if they seem to have the age requirement in common, Leo ages out his models without marrying them and having children with them. Marc’s relationships seem to go straight to pregnancy and marriage before ending. If we’re basing predictions on his pattern then, yes, he will marry Mariana and, yes, she will have his baby. And …then?