Last night, at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York, Marc Jacobs showed up with current campaign model Victoria Beckham. Shall we play our favourite game? The Photo Assumption Game? Shall we draw conclusions based on nothing but an image, just like Star Magazine and In Touch Weekly and Life & Style?

Yes, let’s do!

Check out Posh, as usual, posing with effort using every muscle in her body, exactly the way she practises night after night at home in front of the mirror. Last night though it was like she dialed it up a notch, fiercely proud to be on the arm of a fashion favourite, hoping that her position of honour as his date would finally fill her with a sense of belonging in an industry she desperately wants to embrace her.

Marc, on the other hand, well Marc looks decidedly less … enthusiastic…doesn’t he? Almost disappointed, especially since David was actually in town yesterday and, needless to say, it’s easier to suffer the Posh when the Becks is right there with her.

Unfortunately for Marc, David didn’t seem to be on the carpet last night. As such, poor Marc had to satisfy himself with the sight of Victoria in his design, trying hard not to look at the weird texture of her thigh. Skinny doesn’t mean no cellie.

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