March 20, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2015 14:23:07 March 20, 2015 14:23:07

Debbie! Happy Birthday from your son Braden who was so sweet he sent this request in 3 days ago and thought that was last minute. I love a man with excellent time management skills. Braden knows you’d want some Barry Manilow and Benedict Cumberbatch represented here. And even though Cumberbatch is your love jam, I thought these shots of him in his hilarious running gear would make you laugh. Have the best weekend!

Happy “29th” Birthday Susie! Stacy requested for you some pictures of Elon Musk, Karl Urban, and Zachary Quinto. Enjoy!

To Keescha from Michellene – Happy Birthday! I hear you love River Phoenix. Always.

“Happy birthday Anna Banana! On this day, many, many moons ago (let's be real, 38 years) a very special being was brought into this world. The leader of the Thorpe offspring clan, the one we all look up to for guidance and wisdom. The eldest. The best. Who am I kidding - you're the most devious and dirty of us all. And that's why we love you! Lots of love from your most favourite sibling, Lani xxoo”

To Louise from Janelle – Happy Birthday! And I’m supposed to include the sexiest pics of Colin Farrell and Matt Damon. Does this work?

“To our poetic, beautiful land mermaid, Melissa Dorthea Eunice, whose brain is almost as perfect as her face. Happy name day to a tropical fish so beautiful that they let Russell Brand out of his Magneto prison to wish you a great day! As you toss your pencil at the screen of this year, we hope that you're excited for the start of your new one. You're brilliant, kind, and stupid hot, and we know that this year is going to bring you many wonderful things. You're kicking it off by seeing U2, sharing your endless knowledge on all things four-legged with the world, advocating for all the things you're passionate about, plotting to get Adam Scott away from "that bitch", and maybe you'll even initiate the long-deserved re-instatement of vacation time for librarians (especially since Minnie's belly is not going to rub itself, you know). And as we said goodbye to Pawnee and Jon Stewart, we met Kimmy, Ilana, Abbi and Lincoln (or as you know him, Victor), The Quinto was added to Girls, and we got John Oliver.

So celebrate all the possibility that comes with a new beginning by treating yo self to a cake of your choice, basking in the adoration that all of your friends and family (and fur babies) have for you, and maybe doing a little Carlos Danger dance to THIS. SICK. BEAT. (™ Swifty - don't sue us!). For now though, here are some hot, lovely men with adorable animals. And also Russell Brand. Happy birthday from the blood of your blood, all your gossipy friends. We love you and we like you.”

To Dominique from all your friends who are thinking of you and hoping for the best outcome. Here’s Channing Tatum taking his clothes off as a distraction. I still love this trailer, SO MUCH.

For over 10 years now, Christine has been fighting cancer. She has just received a terminal diagnosis. But she’s not ready to go, not before she finishes recording her CD. Christina was funding her dream project through dog walking but physically she is no longer able to manage the schedule. On Sunday there’s a fundraiser at the Monarch Tavern in Toronto. And/or you can click here to help Christine realise her final dream.

Wenn, Bauer-Griffin

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