Totally agree with what Duana wrote about Margot Robbie on Oscar night. Click here for a refresher. Margot Robbie is 24. She’s younger than, say, Emma Stone. But she’s always played older, non?

It reminds me of one of my favourite movies, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. Natalie Portman was supposed to play Juliet instead of Claire Danes. And she really wanted to do it. In the end though, she just looked too young. Or, as she put it later:

"They said it looked like Leonardo was molesting me when we kissed. It was really disappointing, but I wouldn't have wanted to be in the movie and have it look wrong. If I was in the film, I would have wanted it to be perfect."

Luhrmann’s description of what he saw was equally blunt:

"Although she's a fantastic young actor, she's a tiny little girl and Leonardo's six feet tall. He's 21, but can look 18. She made him look all of 21, and it just became obscene."

It’s not obscene when he’s 40 and only goes out with 19-25 year old models, is it?

Sorry. Different conversation.

Anyway, back to Margot and her starring with Will Smith in Focus, which premiered last night. You’ll recall, it was originally supposed to be Kristen Stewart who dropped out. Stewart and Robbie are exactly the same age. Totally different vibe though, isn’t it?

Margot wore a black Saint Laurent to the Oscars which Duana and I both quite enjoyed. Last night it was Giambattista Valli, also with sheer elements and it photographs better full body but when she’s being shot from just the waist up, it’s not her best look, not on her big night.