Her music, her voice… absolutely 100%. Oh baby baby, We Belong Together.

But just because Mariah sells records, does it mean Mariah will sell fragrance? Do I want to sound like Mariah? Of course. Do I want to smell like Mariah Carey? Not that I think she smells bad but… no???

And still, if Britney could make millions hawking cologne, I suppose Mariah can too. Which is why Elizabeth Arden has licensed her name for a new line, holding a party in celebration in NYC the other night.

To be honest, can’t wait to see the ultra cheesy ads. Can’t wait to see the ultra cheesy ads in Vogue. Because Elizabeth Arden can afford to buy pages in Vogue.

But can you imagine? Can you imagine Mariah stuffed head to toe in leather and animal assaulting Anna Wintour’s bible?

Love, love, love.

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