Hello Chiizu

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 7, 2009 07:54:00 October 7, 2009 07:54:00

It comes with an accent. I wish I could post my voice recording it for you here because it’s way more entertaining when you know how to say it.

Haaaa-low Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-zoooooooooooooooooooo. Let it stretch out of your mouth, and do it in a baby voice, and smile big the whole time with saucer eyes. Also, clap your hands.

No, this is not a Japanese game show.

This is the name of Mimi’s baby.

Mimi’s been promoting her new album, yesterday she was on the radio, and when asked about pregnancy, she insisted that she’s not expecting yet but that she and Nick Cannon have already decided on the names.

"We have to keep the name secret because if we told everybody, then somebody might use it and then we have to change it, and then it wouldn't be as good. We picked these names out a long time ago."

What’s the f-cking mystery? It’s Hello Chiizu.

During the interview, Mimi also decided to remind us that she’s, like, so virginal. After joking that the secret to her marriage is “lots of sex!” Mimi then shut down the sex talk because “I'm shy. I don't say things like that. That's where he comes in."

It’s one of my favourite, favourite things about her.

When she prances around in her pigtails and her daisy dukes cut up to her snatch, and in the same breath she’s calling herself Mary Poppins. It’s amazing.

Have you seen this video?

I LOVE THiS VIDEO. My friend Sasha used to call it her Happy Place. Bookmark. I promise it’s the best.

Photo from Vibe Magazine

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