Many of you have emailed me the last few days about Mariah Carey on the Home Shopping Network. I don’t know how to find the HSN on my tv. And why is it that you all are watching this? What are you buying??? A question for another time...

The point is my Mimi is selling her sh-t on HSN. Tacky ass rainbow butterfly cubic zirconia and crystals. Of course she’s working hard. It’s Mimi. She always works hard. On her ass. On the couch. With her feet up.


I am sad for you if you can’t appreciate the amazingness of this.

Then my friend Lisa sent over another link. Her message: You must watch this. You will die....

It’s Mimi and a new Christmas song. With her mother. Who happens to be an opera singer. At one point, they have to merge voices. This is the season of giving, right? This might be the best gift you’ll receive all year.

Also, note what happens at the 2:40 mark when inexplicably we get a shot of Mimi stroking the mic so she can show off her diamonds. Amazingness.

This video is FILLED with all kinds of amazingness. At one point, forced to elevate her game by her mother’s vocal throwdown, Mimi actually looks like she breaks a sweat in her breasts. I might have to take the rest of the day off and watch this over and over again.

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