You know when you build something up so hard you doom it from the start because it can never possibly live up to your expectations? And then Mimi comes along and always lives up to your expectations?

This video with Justin Bieber...

It’s the greatest 4 minutes of my life.

It’s the greatest 4 minutes of your life.

It’s Mimi at her greatest, always, but this time channelling Mary Kay Letourneau, luring an apple cheeked Canadian teen with her half handicapped Santa moves, OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY.

I mean, it’s a happy song to begin with. And there she is, doing what she does best, which is NOT walking, showing off her new Jenny body, in one position the entire time. Happiness increased! Like, all she does is wiggle in one spot. Sometimes she’ll shake her ass for you from behind. Sometimes she has to LEAN AGAINST THE WALL because the effort of standing there, on her own, is too much at Christmas time.

I love it when she shakes the bell. It’s the most energy she exerts the entire time, swinging it across her body at slow motion speed with her legs spread...and all for 17 year old Justin Bieber. Who does all the shopping and the cart pushing and the gift distributing while Mimi sits back in her sleigh and WAVES. Oh no wait, she does distribute gifts. BY THROWING THEM AT PEOPLE. Every time you think she’s exhausted all opportunities to use as little energy as possible, Mimi proves you wrong.

And then for some reason, one of her dogs shows up.

Um, I’m sorry? How is this not the best thing you have EVER SEEN???