She loves it. She can’t get enough of it. And look at the size of that f&cking ring!

Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon went out for dinner in Beverly Hills last night and were greeted by a pap army upon leaving, all of them eager to grab a shot of our favourite newlyweds. But have you seen her wedding spread in People yet? It’s a MUST browse at the grocery.

The beach shots are delicious, over the top, classic Mimi Cheese. You will find yourself giggling in line among strangers. I ran out of money the other day at Safeway and ultimately had to choose salad over smut but still… it was a tough decision not to buy.

As for the longevity of their love, Nick’s half brother insists it’s for real because "he loves her more than any other girl.”

Have you ever heard a more convincing declaration?

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