Mimi is heavily promoting her new album and wants you to touch her new skinny body. Literally. She looks good, non?

Do you like her new single?

Mimi hit up TRL yesterday wearing all slimming black, showing off a very small waist and an even smaller ass encased in a pair of leather pants size… 0 but really 4?

One of my favourite gossip items ever! Remember when it came out that Mariah had her assistants change the sizing on her clothes so that a 6 became a 2 and then she’d walk around telling everyone in interviews that people are always shocked to find out how little she “really” is?

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Am happy she’s back. Mariah Cheese and Celine Cheese in the same year… 2008 has been kind.

Photos from Wenn.com