I’m telling you...this bitch kills me. Unabashedly Mimi, even at Oprah’s “All Girls Go to School AND the Spa” day in South Africa – the opening of her $40 million Academy – Mariah Carey just HAD to rock the occasion in animal print and all kindsa jiggle. Who else? Who else but Mimi can be so cheesy? As widely reported, Oprah invited several of her famous friends to help commemorate the occasion, asking each to bring along a personally inscribed book for the Library. A notable request, to be sure, but probably not the most practical considering her guest list. What could Mimi possibly have to contribute other than a Hello Kitty Colouring Kit? Or does that qualify as Diversity? Seriously though - judging by a few messages I’ve received today – while some people seem to be having a little fun about the luxurious amenities offered at O Academy, I totally believe in the spirit behind what may be perceived as excess. As far as I’m concerned, better that than giving a new car to every member of her studio audience. And at Covenant House Vancouver, we operate along a similar value system. By providing the best food for our youth, fresh meals prepared with the best ingredients, often organic, by building and maintaining the best facilities, recruiting the best qualified, most highly regarded staff, and in turn sharing with these team members a top notch benefits packages so that they can be their best at what they do, we are telling our kids that they are more than hand-me-downs and throwaways, that they absolutely 100% deserve the best and as such they will hopefully be inspired to start living their best. So while I don’t normally espouse Oprah’s brand of Rah Rah Girl Power Bra-Burning Appeal, in this case I think she’s totally on point. On the inner city kids issue, however…well…that’s another debate. Source