I need it, you need it, Mimi Cheese is our favourite. And this week’s instalment does not disappoint. (Why the f&ck does Microsoft Word keep taking the second “L” out of installment??? I prefer traveLLing with two “L’s” too.)

Back to Mimi – she was featured on The Hills MTV special yesterday… it was a little bit embarrassing, really. That an artist of her stature would have to submit to the gimmick. But Mimi is Mimi and she trucked along gamely…proudly showing off her curves, wearing gold for maximum tacky glitz, and happily posing for the paps.

Check it out – in all her unpasteurised glory. I want to stick my finger in her mouth. Bet you she would totally suck it. Mimi gives back like that, you know?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com