Mimi doesn’t live on the sidelines, obviously. Mimi exists in the spotlight. This is what happens when Mimi is made to sit on the sidelines…


Or as Michael K from Dlisted calls them – Titty Balls. Titty Balls at the basketball game.

Here’s Mimi, with her tits, last night at the Clippers game. Bryan Tanaka was invited to come along to babysit all of them. Do you think Mimi knows what a crew neck is? Do you think she’s ever owned a crew neck? Do you think she thinks that crew necks are abusive?

I don’t even know why I’m asking. Why concern ourselves with crew necks when Mimi is heaving her tits up for display? This is how Mimi dresses for the sidelines. This is how Mimi ensures that the sidelines become centre court.