Mimi & Dem Babies vs Nicki Minaj

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As I wrote last week, Nicki Minaj is getting seriously outplayed by Mimi on American Idol. You can’t take down the Mother of Dem Babies, an experienced Bitch, with a Twitter rant even if you do have more followers. And especially not when you signed a contract with the mainstream. Does it get any more mainstream than American Idol? Nicki can front like she’s badass and street all she wants. The fact is she’s agreed to a deal that is putting her on network television, prime time, for an audience that buys paper towels and laundry soap. That audience is always, always, always going to sway heavily in favour of the pop icon waving around two babies claiming she’s a mother first and a superstar second, no matter that she’s making said declaration while reclined on a Hello Kitty chaise lounge while being fed fresh strawberries dipped in champagne.

Mimi’s position is that Nicki threatened the safety of her “Roc & Roe”. Come on. Look at Roc & Roe. Who wouldn’t be on Team Roc & Roe? Roc & Roe accompanied their parents to Family Day at the Santa Monica Pier this weekend where Mimi took every opportunity to HAHAHA in Nicki’s face, posing with Dem Babies for a family portrait and then…

Oh My God…

These may end up being the Best Photos of 2012…

Mimi on a rollercoaster.

Mimi waving from her rollercoaster throne.

Mimi using the rollercoaster like it’s a f-cking WIND MACHINE -- ingenious!

Right now, for Nicki Minaj, there really is no answer to this. Not in this environment and not on this territory. Again, as I said above, this is American Idol, it’s mainstream, it’s a playground where the moms rule, and the girl with the long nails and the wigs and the sassy attitude will never be the most popular.

As for American Idol producers insisting that last week’s reports of onset fighting were exaggerated and “inaccurate”, well, here’s what I heard about that photo shoot in Baton Rouge on Thursday:

While both Mimi and Minaj both posed (eventually) for group shots, I’m told that everything was delayed because Nicki was late and when she finally did arrive she ended up starting some drama with an executive which backed the schedule up even more. And what was Mimi doing when all this was going down? Oh, well, she was punctual and sweet to everyone.

Too easy. Too easy.

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