Hello Kitty’s official anniversary is November 1st. But Mimi can’t go as Hello Kitty for Halloween every year, hell no. Especially now that her costume carries double weight these days. Don’t forget about Nick.

Oh but she brings such joy.

Mariah Carey is happiness.

Don’t tell me you aren’t smiling. Don’t tell me you’re looking at these images and grimacing. That would be a lie.

Here’s Mimi as an angel. Both of them are angels. Both of them have wings. Only she got the halo while he had to make do with a … furry headband? How come he doesn’t get a halo? Why can’t they match halos?


Stupid question.

There’s only one true angel in this marriage.

You will note that Mimi, especially at Halloween, can’t resist sticking her ass out. Nick can’t block his wife from sticking her ass out. And his wife apparently is incapable of walking anywhere without someone holding her hand. Is Mariah Carey capable of independent transportation?

Photos from Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com