Cheese Caffeine

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 30, 2009 14:58:51 March 30, 2009 14:58:51

It’s been a slog today. Am a zombie, blogging half asleep.

But then…this.

An embarrassment of riches, really. First John Mayer’s double gold – shorts and smelling his man-kini – now Mimi and her man in on holiday spraying cheese all over the beach. And of course the paps were there to make sure we could enjoy.

I love that almost every shot is a flattering one of her body. And that she makes a point of showing us her round, perky ass. Note also that Nick has a new tattoo. Her name.

Are you jumping up and down clapping? Are we doing this together?


But the best…

The best is her unbridled gorgonzola joy, her mouth gaping with delight as the newlyweds (can they still be called newlyweds?) bask in their gouda-flavoured love, frolicking by the sea, on a beach of sardo sand, made even more amazing by his inappropriate swim attire.

I had hit a wall. And she cheesed me awake.

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