There have been all kinds of reports that Mimi and Nick Cannon are getting ugly with each other about money and their divorce. I posted about it last week – some sketchy report from the Daily Mail about him writing a book exposing her crazy. Click here for a refresher.

In response, here’s what she posted on Twitter yesterday: Mimi in “festive” (one of her favourite words) Easter pink with Nick and Dembabies.



My question to those of you who consider yourselves to be true Lambs though is…

Did Mimi show you this photo because:

1.She wants you to believe that she and Nick are being civil to each other?

2.She wants you to believe she’s a fun mom?

3.She wants you to see that she looks thin?

Mimi’s going gluten free. Getting ready for Vegas.



Back home making gluten free lasagna. Sounds dull but it's actually good! 😃

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