I love life

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2013 22:34:04 January 9, 2013 22:34:04

If you’ve looked through these photos, you need no explanation. If not, by the end of this article, you will too love life.

American Idol panelled on TCA yesterday featuring all judges, including, yes, Mimi and Nicki Minaj. And, well, journalists at the TCA, especially at panel sessions, don’t always have to kiss ass. And none of them were interested in NOT talking about Mimi vs Nicki. It’s the only reason they came. The show is 12 years old!

So, again, look through these photos. And then click here for Vulture’s eyewitness account of how it all went down because it’s awesome and, amazingly, I think Nicki may have landed a shot on Mimi. Not enough to make her bleed, no, but enough to get a reaction...

And it was about AGING.

See? We love life. We will love it even more when Idol goes live. And all this ON TOP of regular Mimi just being Mimi...!?!? Come on. This is one thing that doesn’t suck about January.

Also, there’s something to Mimi being in green. She was in green on the last fight day -- see video below -- and she’s in green here. Green is our lucky colour.

Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images

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