Mimi and Dembabies are overseas while she makes a few paid stops and sings here and there for a million dollars a pop or so. She also spent some time in Israel to promote a skincare line, also likely for a major deposit. Our girl has to hustle, OK? She’s not married to that billionaire anymore.

But while we’re on the subject of that billionaire, James Packer, he’s implicated in an alleged corruption scandal with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since Mimi and James were still together when some of the supposedly shady gift-giving went down, the Israeli media keeps asking her about what she knows. Look at her death glare in this video. Sasha says she’s into the way the journalist continues with the line of questioning even as Mimi’s poisoning her soul with her eyes because most of us would have shriveled away and apologised:


OK but it gets even better. When Mimi’s questioned again about a dinner she was at with James and Netanyahu, she’s finally had enough of it…because, really, REALLY, did you really think she would know anything? WHO? WHO actually believes that Mimi could offer anything of substance to this investigation?

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She was there to eat the food. She was invited to a dinner. She has no idea about the political stuff that goes on.


Put your hand up if you think she’s lying. Do it.

You can’t, right?

Because if you put your hand up, and if you think she’s lying, it means you think that Mimi, MARIAH CAREY, would have been aware that there was any “political stuff” going on. Would have been paying attention to anything and anyone but herself. Would remember anything about that dinner beyond who told her she was pretty and thin and the best singer in the world and where not to sit in the restaurant because of bad lighting.

I mean, of course, of course it’s important to find out the answers, important to investigate whether or not Israel’s Prime Minister stepped out of the lines. But come ON. Is Mimi going to be the one to give you those answers? My God, she can’t even open a car door! Why is a butterfly being burdened with such business?!?