Mimi’s been undercover since the Oscars having squeezed every last drop of juice from Precious and no more reason to keep assaulting us with her cheese on the carpet. But I will never tire of it. I worry when I don’t see Mimi every day. I wonder who’s helping her walk. And sit down. And eat. And dress herself. There’s a litany of everyday tasks that she cannot perform on her own.

Thanks God Mimi decided to put us out of her misery last night and waddled over to the Keepers of the Dream Awards in New York. It really is like playing with an imbalanced doll. You stand it up on its plastic feet. You achieve almost equilibrium with a minimum wobble, you run away and take the photo as quickly as possible, and then you rush back in to catch it before it falls. Repeat. Next time I will video this for you so you can see. Always with Mimi it’s the before shot and the after shot that’s most interesting.

Photos from Wenn.com