Prince Azim of Brunei threw a 30th birthday party for himself; there’s rich and then there’s Sultan rich. It’s another level of influence and power.

Prince Azim has very peculiar taste for a 30-year-old: the guest list included Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch, Marisa Tomei, Jerry Hall (with daughter Lizzie Jagger) and Dionne Warwick. Mariah Carey was there, looking all breathy and svelte, but I don’t know if she honoured Prince Azim with a song.

Also there: Pamela Anderson (who probably, um, spent extra time with the Prince and his friends to pay for her Malibu beach house), Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele and Chase Crawford. Prince Azim’s a Glee and Gossip Girl fan?

The party was at The Dorchester in London, which I’m sure made the trek even more attractive to guests (his family owns the hotel). An all-expense paid trip to London is hard to turn down. You don’t get Faye Dunaway and Raquel Welch at your party with just cash, I hope.

Prince Azim’s actual birthday is in a month, so the parties will just get bigger leading up to the grand event. I’m counting on Mimi jumping out of the cake.

At past parties it's been reported that he gave away a Kenyan safari and a dental plan in the goodie bags. A dental plan! That alone is worth the RSVP. I'm excited when I get a vitaminwater.


And I want to apologize to all the moms (and dads) out there who spotted my stroller gaffe and corrected me - this article here. Miranda Kerr was indeed pushing a Baby Jogger City Mini, which is quite affordable (as far as strollers go). Never mess with a parent on their sh-t! And if you are pushing a Baby Jogger, you are in good celebrity parent company.

(Lainey: here’s Mimi leaving the party with a stuffed lamb last night looking like she’s had a lot of champagne. I could spend the entire day just enjoying these photos.)