Mimi brought her cheese to TRL yesterday and added a dash of rainbow to the mix. Amazing.

Two items to note here:

First – Mimi wants you to see that her abs are still as flat as ever, that her new body is as fit as ever, that she is no Janet Jackson, she will not change bodies 3 times a year.

Next – Mimi wants you to be very aware of the fact that she’s wearing her ring. Which means despite reports to the contrary, Mimi and Nick Cannon are still very married and still very happy. Indeed, my sources confirm that the honeymoon is not over. He’s totally devoted to her, he doesn’t mind being the lesser of the two and she’s riding the high of having a hunky younger man as her old man.

For now.

They say it won’t last. They also said JLo and Marc wouldn’t last either.

Will Mimi and Nick be JLo and Marc?

Naively, I hope so. I love them. I love them so much.

Ugh. Why???

Photos from Wenn.com