No doubt. My favourite photo of the week.

Look at it.

Look at them carrying Mimi’s Cheese around this morning in New York as she performed lived on The Today Show.

It’s her thing, you know. Being carried around I mean.

Mimi was once too tired, or spoiled, or bored, or full, to walk up and down the stairs at a private party in her honour. So her bodyguard had to lift her up in his arms and transport her. And she f-cking loved it. Apparently this happens often. Someone who worked logistics for her at an event recently told me that he saw her “stop in her heels and sort of open her arms like a baby and then someone lifted her off the ground.” Please. I would give up an entire month of fried rice to see that live. If Mimi could spend her entire life being carried around she totally would.

Anyway, here’s Mimi going cheese lovers with Nick Cannon after her carriers safely landed her back on her feet. Her album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is available now. Butterflies and angels, you know? It’s all about the butterflies and angels.

Favourite lyric from one of the tracks:

When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry

Mariah Carey is a Twi-Hard?

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