Had to put this off for a day because of the Golden Globes. But I would never not pay attention to a message from Mimi.

For some reason, even though people finally stopped talking about it, Mimi decided to let us know her thoughts on what happened New Year’s Eve. You know, when her inner ears weren’t working because she was “foiled” by Dick Clark Productions. There’s nothing new here. Mimi’s blaming them, explaining why she couldn’t sing live, and that her feelings are so hurt that she’s “working my way through” the ordeal. What you need to know is that she’s traumatised.


In my own words. #NYE #L4L 💖 #thefoilers

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In my own words..continued. #NYE #L4L

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You know what happens when Mimi is traumatised? She talks about it, non-stop. Like her pregnancy. What dem babies put her through. How she sacrificed for them. How she suffered for them. New Year’s Eve 2016 is Mimi’s new trauma. And when Mimi is traumatised, she can’t work. She has to lie down (even more than usual) and take baths (even more than usual). Which is probably what she was doing when she recorded this message. Lying down in the bath. There is no way she was upright when she was speaking. Also… she sounds totally baked.

I have tickets to go see Mimi and Lionel Richie on tour in March. Obviously I have tickets. Now I’m wondering, even though she insists that “of course I will fulfill my obligations”, whether or not it’s really going to happen. And if it happens how f-cking long we’re going to have to wait for her. And how it’s going to work with Lionel when she’s still an hour away from getting her corset on and he wants to start the show.