First let me apologise. I know by your emails that many of you have been waiting for the John Mayer article and I’m still writing it. This is what’s sh-tty about my blog: I like to GO ON. So it takes me longer to get those thoughts together. And I blew half my morning wad on Miley Cyrus, the Royals, and Drew Barrymore. So while I get my sh-t together on John Mayer’s irrepressible douche, I’m hoping you can satisfy yourselves in the meantime with my Mimi.

My Mimi played a show in Monaco the other day for which she was likely paid a LOT of money. Here she is at the airport in Nice presumably taking off with her babies. And of course she’s in heels. And she’s carrying one child. And she’s not sitting in a wheelchair! Or a chariot! Or a throne on top of an elephant!

What is this world?

I don’t know how long this lasted. It can’t have been more than a minute, enough time for photographers to get the picture and be ushered out of the place so that Mimi could be put back down on her ass. To begin recovery for the next week. I mean, that kind of physical output, you know it has to be taking its toll.